Platform Technology for
       Minimally Invasive Medical Devices

Path Scientific's current and "in pipeline" products:

Sampling Applications

  • Blood and interstitial sampling
  • Analyte (ex. blood glucose) measurement
  • Point of care testing (PoCT) device
(see description of Path Scientific's sampling devices here)

Transdermal Applications

  • Painless removal of stratum corneum permits needle-free delivery of large molecule drugs
  • Rapid topical anesthesia delivery for neonates
  • Create multiple openings in skin simultaneously
  • Create low electrical impedance sites for placement of neurological monitoring electrodes
(see description of Path Scientific's transdermal devices here)

Podiatric Applications

  • Painless creation of openings through nail plate to nail bed for topical treatment of onychomycosis, and psoriasis
  • Rapid, painless treatment of subungual hematoma (black toe)
(see description of Path Scientific's podiatric device here)

Orthopedic Applications

  • Precise depth control of drilling in orthopedic and spine surgery
  • Bone contouring/slotting/planarization
(see description of Path Scientific's orthopedic device here)

Cosmetic Applications

  • Site generation for rapid hair transplant
  • Needle-free administration of Botox
  • Patterned nail engraving